Giclée Prints
Fine art printing has become even more precise with the revolutionary Giclée (gee-clay) printing process. The Giclée printer produces a fine art print equal, if not superior, in quality to any classical handmade printing method. The word Giclée itself is French, meaning spurt or squirt, in this case meaning "spray of ink". In the Giclée process, a fine stream of ink - more than four million droplets per second – is sprayed onto archival watercolor paper. The resulting print has a higher resolution than a lithograph and the dynamic color range is like a serigraph. Giclée prints reproduce the original art exactly in depth of color, tonal range, and detail. Barbara works very closely with the print maker to assure that each image is completely faithful to her original intent, yet in and of itself with the look and feel of the original painting. The inks and paper used in these prints offer light fastness and UV resistance under museum archival conditions. The process of making each Giclée print is slow and exacting. The outstanding results exceed the expectations of even the most demanding collector. Giclée prints are shown in many museums and fine art galleries throughout the world.

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